Track 1: Algae Landscape Design


How will algae production be integrated into future landscapes and eco-communities and what will they look like and how will they work?

Design integrated APS into future landscapes, farms, coastlines, cities, buildings and eco-communities. Open to algae enthusiasts, architects, designers, visionaries, builders, students and teams.

Track 1 Algae Landscape Design Registration fees are on a sliding scale
• $100 for companies, entrepreneurs, professionals, architects, designers, teams.
• $50 for students, not working for pay, temporarily unemployed, NGO personnel.
• $25 for students and temporarily unemployed from developing world countries.

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Design Algae Landscape Ideas and Categories

integrated commercial farms
community micro farms
urban landscapes
appropriate village farms
vertical farms, green walls
suburban landscapes
rooftop systems
parks and gardens
agricultural landscapes
greenhouse systems
new model communities
sea and ocean landscapes

Design for Specific Global Locations or Anywhere On or Off the Planet

China, Japan, Korea
India and South Asia
Southeast Asia
Indonesia and Oceania
Central Asia
Equatorial and South Africa
North Africa and Middle East
Northern Europe
Mediterranean Europe
Central and South America
North America
Polar Artic and Antartic
Lakes, seas and oceans
Space, moon and planets

Awards and recognition for these classes of entrants

overall best design
most original design
best algae design video
designer, artist
engineer, scientist
architect, builder
farmer, grower
visionary, dreamer
NGO service providers
middle and high school
college and university
graduate school, instructor

General criteria for juror evaluation:
• Inspires – the imagination • Integrates – form and function • Aesthetic – visual appeal and beauty • Innovative – novel design elements • Practical – workable solutions

1) Algae Landscape Design