Integrated Algae Microfarm

APS example: An integrated spirulina algae microfarm in France • 2011 update
There are now an estimated 100 small spirulina producers from Southern France to as far north as Normandy. The school at the CFPPA Center in Hyères continues to train more spirulina growers. In 2010, growers established the Fédération des Spiruliniers de France with 80 members, and in 2011, developed a Charter of good business practices, GMP and quality control guidelines. It is estimated within 5 years that there will be 500 French microfarmers. The algae microfarm movement has recently spread to Spain.

Eco-Domaine Ferme de Bouquetot. Laurent Lecesve introduces this experimental integrated spirulina microfarm, located 3 km from the Normandy Coast. With four 50 m2 algae ponds, one pond is grown with organic nutrients from a biogas digestor. Ponds are heated, covered and insulated to retain warmth. Gilles Plancheon introduces his book “Spirulina for Everybody”. Jean-Paul Jourdan reviews microfarms in France. Websites: and
5:00 minute video of Eco-Domaine: an integrated microfarm for growing spirulina. (2011).

EcoDamianeEco-Domaine ferme de Bouquetot. Laurent Lecesve at spirulina pond in Normandy. Farm staff with Jean-Paul Jourdan and Robert Henrikson. Fresh spirulina dip served at lunch.

SpiruVie8Spiru-Vie Farm. Robert Henrikson with Emmanuel Gorodetzky at his Spiru-Vie farm in Ganges.
View from inside a spirulina pond greenhouse. Display of packaged Spiru-Vie products.

LaSalle8Ferme de la Borie. Boris Atlan operates a small farm high in the mountains above LaSalle.
The greenhouses are set up in old vineyard terraces in the hillside.