Sponsors and Partners

International Algae Competition wishes to express appreciation for the wonderful support of our contributing sponsors and media partners.

Founding Sponsor
Algae AllianceAlgaeAlliance.com members Robert Henrikson and Mark Edwards are the creators and developers of this International Algae Competition. Their purpose is to expand and share a vision for algae in our future and create an open source algae community and collaboratory.

Founding Sponsor
SmartMicroLogoSmartMicrofarms technology will empower people globally to grow healthy foods locally, using affordable inputs. We research, develop, demonstrate, diffuse, and support flexible microcrop platforms that produce food and valuable co-products locally.

Contributing Sponsor
Evodos logo SWEvodos BV. Separation Excellence. Totally Dewatering Algae. Alive. The ideal interface between growing and refining. It is Evodos’ mission to support our customers with the best products for mechanical separation at minimal energy consumption without chemicals or consumables.

Contributing Sponsor
NanoVLogoSNanoVoltaix (NVI) is an engineering services provider to the cleantech sector, focusing on commercialization of disruptive technologies and production methods. Nanotechnology offers solutions to the world’s resource problems and novel products for photovoltaics and biofuels.

Media Partners
A.I.M.AlgaeIndustryMagazine.com is the online trade publication addressing the growth and development of the algae biofuels and co-products industry:• its influential personalities • developing technologies • evolving businesses • breakthrough products • important news.

BigelowBigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences exploring the world’s oceans, from microbes to global ecosystems and seeks to understand key processes driving global ocean ecosystems, their evolution, and their fundamental relationship to life on Earth.

SmartCoursesSSmart Short Courses, Smart Short Courses offers crash course programs for marketing, technical and plant personnel. A joint operation of ID&A Ignace Debruyne & Associates and Filtration and Membrane World, represented by Ignace Debruyne, PhD and Sefa Koseoglu, PhD.

AB LogoAdvancedBiofuelsUSA.info a nonprofit educational organization, advocates for the adoption of advanced biofuels as an energy security, economic development, military flexibility and climate change solution.

Sponsors may engage in one or more roles such as event sponsors, media partners, video channel sponsors or academic sponsors. An organization can sponsor a competition track, registration scholarship, prize award, award ceremony, or exhibition. Sponsors will receive a logo banner featured on the website on relevant pages – with a link to the sponsor website, logos on newsletters, postcards, posters, press releases, announcements and affiliated websites. Sponsors stories will be featured on AlgaeCompetition.com.
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