Imagine Our Algae Future

Visionary Algae Architecture and Landscape Designs from the International Algae Competition

How will growing algae change the world and improve our lives?


Imagine our future living in cities where buildings are covered with photosynthetic skins and vertical gardens, collecting the sun’s energy and producing food and energy for urban citizens. Imagine greening desert coastlines and producing food for millions of people. Imagine algae systems that recycle polluting wastes into high value animal food, fuel and biofertilizers.

This book reviews algae production, products and potential today and showcases some of the amazing visions of our future from the International Algae Competition.

International Algae Competition invited global citizens from around the world to design their own future with the foods they eat, systems that grow algae, and landscapes and cityscapes they dream of living in. 140 participants responded, representing 40 countries, and they submitted some amazing designs, projects and food ideas. Growing algae offers a future beyond scarcity toward sustainability and abundance. Here’s a peek into this future.

Imagine Our Algae Future Chapters: 1. Introduction 2. Algae Production, Products & Potential Today 3. International Algae Competition Awards Exhibits from the International Algae Competition 4. Algae Production Systems 5. Visionary Architecture and Landscape Designs 6. Algae Food Development and Recipes 7. References and Author Biographies.

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