Track 3: Algae Food Development


What will be the next algae foods and recipes and the future uses of algae as food and feed ingredients that will transform our health and our diet?

Create menus, new foods and food products incorporating algae as a featured ingredient. Open to algae enthusiasts, chefs, cooks, food developers, algae eaters, students and teams.

Track 3 Algae Food Development Registration fees are on a sliding scale
• $50 for companies, entrepreneurs, professionals, teams.
• $25 for individuals, students, not working for pay, temporarily unemployed, NGO personnel.
• $00 for scholarships by invitation: no charge.

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Many people have no idea how many everyday products already contain algae.
See some of the many products with algae. • Algae Products Today – 21 page pdf file (8 MB).
Where to get algae to use in recipes

Microalgae like spirulina, chlorella and blue green algae are available in the form of dried powder, flakes, capsules and tablets in health and natural food stores, online stores and through network marketing. Macroalgae like nori, wakame, dulse, kelp and other edible seaweeds are available in sheets and flakes in stores and served in Japanese and other Asian restaurants.

Featured examples of Algae Food Development:
• View Food Entries in the Algae Competition
• Fresh Spirulina Aquamole Recipes Sample Presentation – 10 page pdf file made from Powerpoint (4 MB).
• How to Eat Fresh Spirulina Algae in Aquamole Dips. – 4 minute video.

Food Development Ideas and Categories

main course
dessert, ice cream
cereal, grains
nutrition drink, shakes
chips, snacks
bread, pasta, noodles
nutrition, energy bar
soup or stew
dips, condiments
raw food
food supplements
fresh algae

Design for Specific Locations, Situations or Anywhere on the Planet

Asian cuisine
Indian cuisine
Mid Eastern cuisine
European cuisine
other international cuisine
African cuisine
South American cuisine
North American cuisine
nursing and infant food
athletic food
survival food
outdoor food
fast food
military rations
disaster relief

Algae Food Evaluation and Selection Process for Finalists and Awards

An international judicial panel with substantial expertise in consumer behavior, food and restaurants will select finalists. The judicial panel may prepare recipes and perform taste evaluations.

3) Algae Food Development