Here are slideshows of top ten projects of visionary landscape designs, algae production and foods showing how our participants envision growing algae will change the world and improve our lives.

Algae Competition Awards.
Algae Competition awarded 7 prize winners from 40 finalists and 140 entries from 40 countries. The entries represent a glimpse into our future, harnessing the promise of algae, 30 times more productive than terrestrial plants. Here are some emerging themes in algae landscape and architecture design, novel algae production systems and delicious new foods from algae.

Amazing Algae Architecture. How will growing algae change the world and improve our lives?
Lets look into our future and see how algae will move into landscapes, living buildings with green photosynthetic membranes, and eco communities producing local food and energy. Here are just a few of the emerging themes, schemes and dreams in algae architecture design, from the possibly practical to the utterly fantastic.

Radical Algae Biofuel Ideas. What are ten of the most radical algae biofuel ideas?
Lets look into our future and see how algae can capture and reuse carbon dioxide to produce renewable energy. Here are a few of the emerging themes, schemes and dreams in algae biofuel production and how algae will transform future landscapes.

Algae Transforming Landscapes. What are ten ways algae can transform landscapes and environments?
Here are visions and plans for cleaning up polluted landscapes, restoring and regenerating natural environments, transforming and greening urban landscapes- all using algae, the base of life on our planet.

Algae Learning Communities. What would future algae learning centers and eco-communities look like?
Algae Competition designers offer their visions of algae recreation parks, algae entertainment venues, algae therapy spas, algae learning centers, algae art installations and future algae eco-communities.

Algalicious Foods. What are some new algae-based foods?
Here are some delicious new algae food products and recipes from around the world entered in the International Algae Competition.