Spirulina World Food 2021.

How this micro algae can transform your health and our planet. This new updated 8th edition is the complete guide. Once a food of the future, now millions of people are enjoying this superfood packed with phytonutrients, antioxidants and bioactive compounds with proven health benefits. By producing a dazzling array of products from micro algae within a circular bioeconomy, we can release agricultural land for rewilding, new forests and carbon capture. Easy-to-Read with 400 color photos and images. 1:57 minute video of Spirulina World Food book (2021).

Spirulina Smart Microfarm.

Welcome to our Smart Microfarm greenhouse just south of San Francisco. The first spirulina farm in Northern California. Here we grow spirulina, a blue-green algae, year round, in a controlled environment greenhouse. Spirulina is harvested several times a week. The fresh harvest collects on a microscreen like a creamy yogurt. It can be frozen or dehydrated. We package and distribute SpiruSource® fresh harvest, fresh frozen, and low temperature dried crunchies and powder.
2:07 minute video of the First Northern California spirulina farm (2018).

Algae Competition: The Future of Algae.

How will growing algae change the world and improve our lives? The Future of Algae introduces twenty amazing entries from the International Algae Competition, a global challenge to design visionary algae food and energy systems. Beginning with algae pond systems and photobioreactors today, this video looks into our future, exploring emerging themes, schemes and dreams in algae architecture and landscape design.
4:45 minute video of Algae Competition: The Future of Algae (2012).

Smart Algae Microfarms.

Smart algae microfarms may be the future of greenhouses, hydroponics and urban farming. Now in a small area, fast-growing microalgae, like the superfood spirulina, produce higher income for growers than conventional food, herbs and vegetables. Successful small-scale algae cultivation is now practical. With web-based remote sensors and controls developed by Smart Microfarms, remote experts can guide local operators, without the cost of onsite algae scientists.
1:00 minute video of Smart Algae Microfarms – the future of small scale farming (2014).

Agriculture: The Ancient Ways, Today & Tomorrow.

Rafael Quezada (Executive Director of The Rootstock Foundation) interviews agriculture experts and explores ancient methods of farming that can be applied to the world’s current industrial agricultural needs. This short video documentary about new solutions through aquaponics, algae and cannabis cultivation features an interview at our spirulina microfarm in Half Moon Bay, south of San Francisco.
5:43 minute video (Interview with Robert Henrikson 2:50-3:58) (2017).

Spirulina Algae Microfarm near Olympia Washington.

The first Pacific Northwest spirulina microfarm is located near Olympia Washington. This smart microfarm testbed will develop practical and scalable systems for growing food and high value products for home, school, community and urban gardens, and for rooftop and vertical farms, and show how algae microfarms generate income from a small area.
2:00 minute video of Spirulina Algae Microfarm near Olympia Washington (2013).

Spirulina Viva Mexico.

Spirulina Viva in San Miguel de Allende is the first family owned and operated algae microfarm in Mexico. Here, on their homestead, Katie and Paco with their two boys, grow and sell fresh and dried spirulina products and healthy spirulina food snacks direct to the local community in San Miguel, through retail health shops and by express mail all across Mexico. Spirulina is native to Mexico and was one of the original foods of the Aztecs.
1:56 minute video of Spirulina Viva Mexico. (2015).

Spirulina in Myanmar.

Visit one of the world’s largest producers of spirulina algae from both artificial production ponds and natural lakes. Spirulina production in Myanmar was started 25 years ago by Dr. Min Thein. June Pharmaceuticals produces about 200 tons of spirulina per year. The company has developed the most impressive range of products with spirulina, including supplements, functional foods and beverages, cosmetics and personal care products, biofertilizer and even spirulina beer.
3:42 minute video Spirulina in Myanmar (2014).

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