Food Evaluation


Algae Food evaluation and selection process for finalists and awards

Competitors submit recipes, menus, nutrition bars, drinks or other foods with algae as a major ingredient.

Selection of finalists. An international judicial panel with expertise in consumer behavior, food and restaurants will select finalists in each category. The judicial panel may prepare recipes from various entrants and perform taste evaluations.

Various categories will benefit from special jurists, including foodies for the recipe desirability and nutritionists for nutrition and energy bars. Food and menu evaluation forms follow. Standard evaluation criteria definitions apply from the food industry, which align with nearly all dictionaries and translations.

Food Evaluation

Additional prize categories may be added based on the novelty of contributions. All submissions will receive a “Green Mastermind” certificate, suitable for framing, indicating their contribution to abundant foods.

Selection of winners. A second international judicial panel of recognized food experts will select the winners from among the finalists. Various categories will benefit from specialized jurists. Members of the judicial panel will prepare the recipes from finalists and perform the appropriate evaluation.

Awards and recognition for algae foods. Awards to be announced will be made for the best of each class. Each category winner will receive awards to be announced and recognition.