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AC News 7 Fresh Algae Foods

NewsAC8Algae Competition Newsletter 7. August 11, 2011.
Fresh Algae Foods.
Growing along with the microfarm movement in France is the trend of using fresh harvested spirulina paste directly in foods like dips, drinks and pasta sauce. See a new video about how to make fresh dips for chip: How To Eat Fresh Spirulina Algae. This video shows how to prepare a savory Aquamole with guacamole spices and a sweet fresh fruit dip. The fresh harvested algae paste was produced by a local grower. Unlike dried algae powder or flakes, fresh harvest has virtually no taste or smell at all.
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AC News 6 Microfarm Visits

NewsAC7Algae Competition Newsletter 6. July 29, 2011.
Visit to Algae Microfarms in France, by Robert Henrikson.
An algae microfarm movement is underway and it is beginning in France. This past month, I visited some of these microfarms, meeting with the pioneers and algae entrepreneurs. In 2002, I visited one of the very first algae microfarms in the South of France, Philippe Calamand’s Spiruline La Capitelle. Over one decade, 100 growers have sprung up from Southern France to as far north as Normandy. In 2004 a spirulina algae school was established at the CFFPA Center in Hyeres, engaging more people to join this community.
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AC News 5 Freedom Foods

AC News 5Algae Competition Newsletter 5. June 22, 2011.
Freedom Foods: Superior New Foods, Low on the Food Chain, for People, Producers, and Our Planet.
Freedom foods grow low on the food chain and enhance health for our children, ourselves, growers and our ecosystems. Freedom foods grow with abundance methods, the first new agriculture in 60 years. Freedom Foods grown with resources that are free or surplus reduce the cost of food production and provide an alternative food supply that does not compete for resources with industrial agriculture. A distributed model of microfarms growing algae for food locally will enable all people access to the inputs to grow good food.
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AC News 4 Sustainable Food

Algae NewsAlgae Competition Newsletter 4. May 18, 2011.
Algae is an Evolutionary Advance in Sustainable Food Production.
Algae, the original life form on this planet, combined with new methods of cultivation, offers humanity the next productive food solution at this moment in history. Some envision huge centralized algae farms that will produce food and energy on a vast scale. With emerging technology, others envision a distributed model of smaller networked family and community algae microfarms, growing algae for valuable food and biomedicines for the nearby region.
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AC News 3 Spirulina Ladies

News 3Algae Competition Newsletter 3. April 14, 2011.
Spirulina Ladies of Chad Enter the Competition.
This past month we received a registration on behalf of the Spirulina Ladies near Lake Boudou Andja in Chad. For many generations, Kanembu women have passed from mother to daughter the traditional methods of harvesting spirulina to make dihe. Sold in local markets, this dried spirulina may sell for ten times less than spirulina sold in developed countries. We look forward to this entry from the Spirulina Ladies of Chad and how they are merging traditional methods with new appropriate technology to produce a higher quality but still very low cost food. Newsletter 3 PDF.Constant Contact Archive.


AC News 2 Open Source

News AC2Algae Competition Newsletter 2. February 16, 2011.
An Open Source Competition.
The Competition is open to everyone, anywhere in the world. As an open source competition, all entries will be showcased online. Users can use the content for teaching and sharing by following normal citation guidelines to give credit to the content originators. Sufficient knowledge about algae production exists today to support successful cultivation. Unfortunately, much of the best knowledge rests with a few elite scientists and entrepreneurs who must sequester their research findings due to intellectual property limitations.
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