Algae Food Development

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Algae food example: How To Eat Fresh Spirulina Algae • Recipes for fresh spirulina Aquamole dips

Fresh Spirulina Aquamole Recipes Sample Presentation – 10 page pdf file made from Powerpoint (4 MB).

Ripley and Denise Fox hosted a meeting of the Federation des Spiruliniers de France, an association of about 80 French spirulina algae growers, in Laroque France in June 2011. Denise Fox shows how to prepare a savory Aquamole with guacamole flavor using fresh spirulina paste. Taromé Gorodetzky prepares a sweet fruit dip. The fresh algae paste was produced by a local grower, Emmanuel Gorodetzky at his Spiru-Vie farm in Ganges.

4 minute video of fresh spirulina Aquamole dips for chips, crackers and breads (2011).

Aquamole8 Meeting in Laroque. Fresh spirulina paste. Preparation of Aquamole by Taromé.

SpiruVie8Spiru-Vie Farm. Robert Henrikson with Emmanuel Gorodetzky at his Spiru-Vie farm in Ganges.
View from inside a spirulina pond greenhouse. Display of packaged Spiru-Vie products.

LaSalle8Ferme de la Borie. Boris Atlan operates a small farm high in the mountains above LaSalle.
The greenhouses are set up in old vineyard terraces in the hillside.