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The International Algae Competition wishes to thank our media partners and supporters for announcing the 2011 International Algae Competition.

AIM LogoAlgae Industry Magazine. April 2011.
Algae Competition Draws International Response: Registrations from Australia, Canada, Chad, China, France Germany, Myanmar, New Zealand, UK, USA.

OnePakistanOne Pakistan. April 2011. Pakistan.
OnePakistan is a Pakistan online portal which offers on a platter news updates, sports news, travel, entertainment,videos.

OilgaeOilgae. April 2011. India.
Oilgae is the home of algae energy online. Algae Competition Draws international Response.

InhabitatInhabitat. April 2011. USA. is a weblog devoted to the future of design. Green design will save the world.

fa9elFa9el. April 2011.
Robert Henrikson and Mark Edwards Introduce the 2011 International Algae Competition.

BACBoston Architectural College Blog. April 2011. USA.
A professional college offering degrees in architecture, interior design, landscape architecture, and design studies.

DudyeDudye. April 2011.
Strategy for Creatives. News: New Projects, New Concepts, New Competitions.

Architecture0COMA9. April 2011. Spain.
Website to promote the professional development of all national and international architects.

Algae ForceAlgae Force Blog. April 2011.
The Force of Algae. Discover interesting information about algae.

DesignChinaDesign China. March 2011. China.
Announces the 2011 International Algae Competition.

HoustonHouston Farm Equipment. March 2011. USA.
Dedicated to provide a concise, accurate directory of Farm Equipment Suppliers in or near Houston, Texas. March 2011. USA.
Market was founded on the principals of bringing honest and factual information to our readers regarding the overall stock markets.

CanadianCanadian-Architects. March 2011. Canada.
The premium network of architects, landscape architects, engineers, interior designers, lighting consultants and architectural photographers.

AkichiAkichiatlas. March 2011. Japan.
Covers architecture competitions all over the world. A Japanese ‘akichi’ means ‘vacant lot’ in English.

NewsodromeNewsodrome. March 2011.
Newsodrome brings you the top news of the moment on your areas of interest.

WorldWorld-Architects. March 2011.
The premium network of architects, landscape architects, engineers, interior designers, lighting consultants and architectural photographers. February 2011. China.
2011 International Algae Competition Launch.

ShenzhenCity of Design. February 2011. China.
Shenzhen leads the way in the design industry of China.
2011 International Algae Competition Launch. February 2011.
Mixx shows the most popular news—as chosen by our users.
Creating your own personalized newspaper.

LebrecordLebrecord. February 2011. Lebanon.
Lebanon Art Magazine.
Announces the 2011 International Algae Competition.

LimitesLimites. February 2011. Brazil.
Limites net cult zine: a digital architecture magazine by Lissonger since 2006.

IdeonIdeon. February 2011. Czech Republic.
Competition / 2011 International Algae Competition / Algae Alliance.

EuropaConcorsiEuropaConcorsi. February 2011. Italy.
EuropaConcorsi is a internet site dedicated to professionals of the architectonic planning.

CompetitionLineCompetition Line. February 2011. Germany.
Wettbewerke und Architektur. Announces the 2011 International Algae Competition.

Bigelow LabBigelow Laboratory. February 2011. USA.

Bigelow Laboratory is a sponsor of the First International Algae Comeptition, launched at the World Algae Congress in San Francisco in early December 2010.

Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences… exploring the world’s oceans, from microbes to global ecosystems and seeks to understand key processes driving global ocean ecosystems, their evolution, and their fundamental relationship to life on Earth.

ArchWeekArchitecture Week. February 2011. USA.
Leading Magazine of design and building online providing news and features weekly on architecture, construction, digital media and building culture.

MyArchitectureArchitecture News. February 2011. USA.
Architecture news around the web. See what is new in architecture and design.

BustlerBustler. February 2011. USA.
The sister site to the leading architectural platform Archinect, focuses on keeping the design community busy and inspired.

ArchTypeArchitype Review. February 2011. USA.
Innovation & advancement in architectural typologies.

DBA LogoDeath By Architecture. January 2011. USA.
The preeminent site for architecture competition information on the internet, founded by Mario Cipresso.

Design OnlineDesign Online. January 2011. China.
International Competition Network.
Announcing 2011 International Algae Competition Launch.

Arch PortalArchitectural Portal. January 2011. Ukraine.
An independent, information and social playground Ukrainian community of architects, designers, artists and builders.

ArchiGiornaleArchiGiornale. January 2011. Italy.
Architecture: competitions, plans, building, job offerings. All the news for the best planners.

World NewsWorld News Network. January 2011.
World News presents and distributes news, sport, business and entertainment around the globe.

News AIMAlgae Industry Magazine. January 2011. USA.

Robert Henrikson and Mark Edwards introduce the 2011 International Algae Competition. 1) design landscapes that integrate algae production systems. 2) develop working models of algae production systems and microfarms. 3) create new algae foods and food products.

The movie overviews what you need to know and how you can become an algae visionary.

ABUSAAdvanced Biofuels USA. January 2011. USA.

The International Algae Competition. Objectives are to create an open source collaboratory that expands and sharesa vision for algae in our future.

Regator Regator. January 2011. USA.
Only the Best Blogs. Competition – 2011 International Algae Competition / Algae Alliance. Construction / Architecture. Death By Architecture.

Algae NewsAlgae News. January 2011. USA.
Expand global markets for algae production: The International Algae Competition. By Robert Henrikson and Mark Edwards, Algae Alliance.

PosterAnnouncing the 2011 Algae Competition. (large poster pdf file 2MB)
CALL FOR ENTRIES: Open to everyone. Register online.
Jan 11, 2011 – Registration opens
Feb 11, 2011 – Submission opens
Sep 11, 2011 – Registration closes
Oct 11, 2011 – Submission closes
Nov 11, 2011 – Begin jury review, web and YouTube exhibitions
Feb 12, 2012 – Finalists announced
Mar 12, 2012 – Major Award Winners announced
Apr 12, 2012 – Algae Competition exhibition tour

Launch2011 International Algae Competition Launch. (Download PDF)

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – December 10, 2010. The First International Algae Competition was launched at the World Algae Congress held in San Francisco, CA, December 6-8, 2010. The Competition is open to everyone, anywhere in the world: algae enthusiasts, architects, builders, designers, scientists, entrepreneurs, growers, food developers, cooks, students and teams. Registration at, the official website with all details and guidelines. Registration opens January 11 through September 11, 2011.

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